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At Reed Mawhinney & Link, we provide comprehensive legal services in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to help businesses navigate complex transactions and achieve their strategic objectives. Our experienced attorneys guide clients through the M&A process, from initial negotiations to post-closing integration, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.



Mergers involve the combination of two or more companies into a single entity, creating synergies, expanding market presence, and enhancing competitiveness. Mergers can take various forms, such as mergers of equals, acquisitions, consolidations, or strategic alliances. Our firm advises clients on structuring mergers, conducting due diligence, drafting merger agreements, obtaining regulatory approvals, and facilitating post-merger integration to achieve strategic growth and value creation.

Asset Transactions

An asset transaction involving the purchase of substantially all the assets of a business is a strategic approach to acquiring key assets and operations while avoiding the assumption of certain liabilities. This type of transaction allows buyers to selectively acquire assets such as equipment, inventory, intellectual property, contracts, and customer relationships that are essential to their business goals. We assist clients in structuring and negotiating and closing asset transactions of all sizes. We also help clients evaluate whether an asset transaction is the best structure for their specific needs.

Stock Sales

In a stock sale, the buyer purchases the shares or ownership interests of a company, acquiring control and ownership of the entire business entity, including its assets, liabilities, contracts, and intellectual property. Stock sales involve a transfer of ownership at the corporate level, and the buyer assumes both the assets and liabilities of the company. Our attorneys provide guidance and representation in stock sales, including due diligence, negotiation of terms, drafting agreements, and navigating regulatory compliance. We also help clients evaluate whether a stock sale or purchase is the best structure for their specific needs.