Stay Grounded: Use a Real Estate Attorney for your Closing


Would you fly in a plane without a pilot or undergo surgery without a doctor? Of course not! So, why do so many people go through one of the most significant and complicated transactions of their life, the purchase or sale of real property, without a trained professional by their side? By engaging our firm’s real estate department early in the process (before you sign a contract or listing agreement), you will have an advocate, protector, and educator at your service throughout the entire listing, contract, and closing process. Here is a bit more about how we can help:


Once you sign an engagement letter, our firm becomes your legal advocate ethically bound to represent you (and only you) and act in your interest. Our attorneys will:
• Review your listing agreement and contract to ensure your interests are protected
• Guide you through the entire process so you know what to expect
• Explain the legal impact of the closing documents you will sign
• Provide legal advice on actions you should take when things don’t go according to plan



In the last decade hundreds of thousands of uninformed consumers were led into unwise purchases or convinced to take out exotic or “creative” mortgages, all of which contributed to Florida’s real estate bust. Don’t let that happen to you. Our attorneys will:
• Explain your closing and loan documents in terms you understand
• Ensure the lender delivers documents that align with your loan commitment



Some think that buying and selling real estate is simple but it is not. Real estate title has been described as a bundle of sticks because it’s not one solid thing. That makes it difficult to tell when parts are missing or problematic! With real estate you can separate ownership rights in ways not visible just by looking at the property. Instead, it takes a trained professional reviewing title to make sure you’re getting all the “sticks” or at least the ones you are paying for. Our attorneys will:
• Examine the title to the property
• Explain and resolve any issues that are found
• Make sure you understand what you are buying or selling
• Explain your obligations as a buyer or a seller
• Conduct the closing
• Issue title insurance



Many buyers and sellers believe or are told real estate attorneys add unnecessary costs to closings. That simply isn’t true. Like all real estate settlement agents, attorney or non-attorney, our firm charges a small flat fee, a few hundred dollars, to provide comprehensive support throughout your real estate transaction. Since you will pay for the services of a settlement agent, why not make sure one of our real estate attorney is looking out for your best interests?